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Our vision is to achieve the full potential of products with precision and creativity.


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New perspectives

At dpi, we have an outside perspective and help you rethink content. Already at the beginning of the project, we can provide you with learnings from reference projects. This allows you to reach your goal more directly and save costs and time.


Flat hierarchies and short communication channels help us at dpi to speed up processes. We can also respond to requests and implementation wishes at short notice. This means you get communication solutions that fit your business rhythm.

To the point

Design meets precision - the quality of our advertising tools is the result of the interplay between creativity and a profound understanding of products from the technology sector.

According to your game rules

Whether creating a new corporate design or applying existing rules to new sectors, we implement with precision. Even demanding sets of rules of larger companies are routinely applied.


We are experienced graphic designers and advertising merchants. As a group, we are at our best when we get to the heart of your brand message. Creative and flexible, we always keep an eye on budget and customer communication. A network of first-class partners supports us in text and image. We are passionate about what we do – and have been for 30 years.

"We shape information into marketing tools. Every day. To the point."
Now it is your turn!

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